Wedge Star Tool Sew Along- Block 3- Mixed Block A

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Wedge Star Tool Sew Along- Block 3

 Mixed Wedge Block

For the Mixed Wedge Block you can use any combination of large or diamond wedges as long as you have a total of 8 wedge units. 

We will be making this week's block with diamonds pointing N,S,E and W.

 For this block I used :-


 4 large wedges (green)

 8 small wedges (grey) 

 4 diamond units (multi print)

 4 corner units (script)

 Construct the 4 diamond units following Steps 1.06 - 1.11.


Stitch a wedge unit and a diamond unit together, as in Step 1.12, 

keeping the diamond unit on top and stitching from the point. Press S.A. open.

Repeat with remaining units, ensuring you keep the same order, wedge unit on bottom diamond unit on top and stitch from point!!!

Trim as in Step 1.13.

 Stitch units together Steps 1.14 - 1.15. 

Mark center point of the Wedge units (mine are the green fabric) referring to Step 2.10

 Follow Steps 2.11 - 2.15 to trim these 4 wedges.


Add the 4 corner units and trim the completed block following Steps 2.16 - 2.19

 Once again you have completed a block using the same methods to create a new design! You are getting to  be an old hand at these!!!

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