Wedge Star Sew Along- Block 9-Twisted Wedge Star

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Wedge Star Sew Along- Block 9 

Twisted Wedge Star

Welcome back!!!!

I did warn you we would be taking a wee break from the weekly wedge star sew along  but here we are, back again, with some fresh new ways to use this great tool.

 This week we are exploring the ‘Twisted Wedge Star’ and for this block Deb Tucker has created a bit of a cheat sheet, which is available at our online shop. Just click ‘Twisted Wedge Star’ and it will pop up!! 

 On this sheet you will find a chart similar to the one that comes with the tool. The difference is, this chart also gives you the width to cut the strips for the inner and the outer points, the diamond sub-cut size and tells you how many diamonds you will be able to cut per width of fabric. 

 As with all patterns I encourage you to read it through BEFORE you begin cutting or sewing. Pay special attention to the pressing instructions. By pressing the seam allowances as stated during the various steps the seams will lock and the blocks will go together much nicer and flatter. 

I first decided the size I wanted the Twisted Star and like my previous blocks chose 14” finished. 

Step 1 

Referring to the chart I see I need to cut the strips 1 ⅞” for my outer point and 2 ⅛” for the inner point and looking across the chart I see I will get 7 cuts from one strip therefore will need two of each strip to complete the 8 points on my block.( I did cut enough to make 2 strip sets but was able to get 8 points from 1 strip set!)

Steps 2 and 3

 Cut the small wedge strip and cut the 16 small wedges and the corner squares required for the block and set them aside.

Step 4

I decided to have the star spin to the left (counter clockwise) so placed strip 1 (the narrower strip) on top and staggered the second strip 1 ⅞”( the width of the outer strip) lower. 

Steps 5 and 6 

Stitch and press. Repeat for the second strip set.

 Step 7 

Cut the strip set into diamonds. I placed the strip sets right side up because my star is spinning to the left and cut as shown in step 7 .

 Step 8

Lay out the diamonds and wedges as outlined in this step!!

 This may seem like a trivial thing to do but it is an important step to avoid a date with JACK!!

Complete the block as with previous blocks following steps 9 to 14.

Check out the pressing and how the S.A. lock!!


I challenge you to make a second block that spins in the opposite direction to the one you just made!!!!

Watch for next week's block!

It will be the last one we will feature and one of my absolute favorites!!

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