Wedge Star Sew Along-Block 8- Block 'C' Freelancer

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Wedge Star Sew Along Block 8- Block ‘C’ Freelancer
Welcome Back everyone!!
 Here we are on the last block to complete the ‘Freelancer’!!
I know some of you jumped ahead and that’s ok but for those that did not I have a few tips for you.
 First of all let’s get that final block together! 
This is the Wedge Star Block which you have already completed once (practice round!).
I have added a couple 'reminders' here.
First remember when adding the first small wedge to the diamond, press the seam allowance towards the diamond and after trimming, add the second wedge to the other side and press towards the wedge you added (refer to steps 1.07 to 1.10)! Following this will give you a nice flat finish with the added benefit of having seam allowances that ‘lock’!
 The second area to keep in mind is when stitching the wedges together (Step 1-12) either press the seam allowances open or to one side but whichever you choose be consistent and press them all the same. I found pressing these seam allowances open worked best for me. 
Here is my finished block!! 
Next you are going to lay out the 9 blocks and stitch together the 3 rows then stitch the three rows together!!
 Voila, you have created a quilt !! 
If you choose you may add some borders or leave it as it is, you pick!!
Now you may think this is the end of our adventure with this tool but let me assure you IT IS NOT!!
 On  April 8th &15th I will be posting the final chapters in this sew along with some more ideas so be sure to watch for these with some more tips, tricks and project ideas.

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