Wedge Star Sew Along- Block 7- Block 'B' Freelancer

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Wedge Star Sew Along-Block 7
 Block ‘B’ Freelancer
   This week we are working with a different variation of the ‘Mixed Block’ than what we have done already. Basically this one is the same but you are again going to have to pay very special attention to color placement!!!
There are no special instructions other than laying the pieces out and sewing together in the proper orientation. I have the colors I used in my block in brackets for reference as to placement.
 For this block you will need:-
2 small dark wedges(coral)
6 small background wedges (white)
3 dark diamonds (coral)
1 medium diamond (green)
2 large background wedges(white)
2 large light wedges(yellow)
4 dark corner triangles(green)
Prepare 4 diamond points following steps 1.06 to 1.11.
   Lay these out with the 4 wedge pieces out as in the block below and sew together using the techniques you learned doing the Mixed Wedge Block !
     Once again I am piling some more work on you, now that you have mastered this one, you just have to make three more, exactly the same!!
See you next week, with the 8 blocks from this week and last, and we will have some fun!!

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