Wedge Star Sew Along-Block 5- Floating Banded Star

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Wedge Star Sew Along Block 5- Floating Banded Star

 This block turned out so pretty!
 It does take a little more thought then some of the others but do not despair, just follow the steps!!


As with the earlier blocks pick your size and then cut:- 

               16 small wedges

                2 corner squares

I have used the same fabric for both of these cuts in order to create the ‘Floating Star’ effect.

 You will also need to cut the ‘band’ and 8 diamonds. 

To do this there is a formula you will need to follow. First decide on the finished size of the band you would like. I have used a ½” finished band on my star, we will call this ‘A’. The finished size of the diamond strip I need is 3 ½”( this measurement is from the chart for my size block) for the formula we will call this measurement ‘B’.

(finished band width) ‘A’  + ½” =  the width of the strip you will cut for the band

To determine the width of the diamond strip to be cut:-

  ‘B’   (the number from the chart for your block)  -  ‘A’ (the finished band width)  = ‘C’ (the width to cut the diamond strip)


 For my block I need  ½” finished band ‘A’ and ‘B’ is 3 ½” (the final width from the chart I need for the diamond strip)  so the math is:-

1/2” (A) + 1/2” = 1”          1” is the cut width of my band strips. I cut two strips.

3 ½” (B) - 1/2” (A) = 3” (C)       3” is the cut width of my diamond strip.

Sew  1 band strip to 1 edge of a C strip and press S.A. to the to the band strip. 

Again we need a formula but this one is very easy!!! 

The cuts for the diamonds from the strip will be reduced by the finished width of the band.   Example my diamonds should be cut 3 ½” (B) and the finished width of my band is ½” (A) so I cut the diamonds 3” (C).

B - A = C

3 ½” - ½” = 3”

 Sew the second band onto the opposite edge of the diamond point being aware of the orientation of the band.

Press the diamond.

Place the wedge ruler on diamond as shown in picture and trim.

Continue as in steps 1.05 to step 1.16.

Because you pressed the S.A. to the band on one side and to the diamond on the opposite side you will find the seams lock to create perfect matching on the points of the band!!

Finish the block as with Block 2 - ‘Wedge Star Block’. Note that by using the same color fabric for the corners as for the background you have created a floating star!

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