Smooth Sailing

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 Smooth Sailing
 Welcome to August and smooth sailing!
Pull out all those colourful fabrics to create some cute fish.
This pillow is very straight forward, so let’s get started!
Follow instructions for cutting and preparing applique. Take note when preparing applique that there are a few that are reversed in the instructions.
Completing the pillow front
Step 1 – be sure to place the bottom of the boat at the edge of fabric as shown in photo. Complete applique and set aside.
        Anyone that does applique knows it’s easier to work with a smaller piece. At this point I did not join the (A)top and (B)bottom backgrounds.I fused all the pieces on (B) except the three fish that are placed on both A&B, I finished the applique and then joined my A&B and at this point I added the last three fish and stitched them in place.
I used a triple stitch for the cord to the anchor and applied crystals for their eyes.
Follow general instructions for finishing pillow back.
Thanks for joining me and remember to share your finished pillows!

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