May is for Mothers

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Bench Pillows

'May is for Mothers'

I had so much fun making the May pillow cover. I love the dimensional aspects the padded applique brings to the project. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.
Let’s get started.

Following the very beautifully written instructions for completing the pillow front, prepare your applique.
The only issue I found was page 19, step #3 in the placement of the long branch. I did place it as shown in Figure 1, 7 ½ “ but I found when I placed my bird there was not a lot of room, and I couldn’t line the branches up on either side of the nest. I would suggest placing the branch at 6 ½” or whatever works for you.This is an important reminder why we should layout all our pieces before fusing into place, which I obviously did not do. My bad lol.

When you are ready to start your applique stitching, use an erasable fabric marker to mark the edge on any same colour pieces for ease of seeing your fabric edges.

Follow instructions for attaching boarders and set aside AND finishing the pillow front in general instructions and set aside.

Padded Applique leaves - pg. 20
Follow instructions given for leaves, ***remember to make a SMALL opening cut*** before sewing #step 3.

Once you have sewn around your leaf and are ready to finish cutting opening for turning, I found it easier for turning if you don’t cut too close to the top of leaf.)

I used Invisafil to whip stitch my opening closed and applied Fray Check. Do not be too fussy on this step, as it does not show once attached.

Follow instruction as given for making yo-yos.

Once your leaves and yo-yos are ready to attach, position and pin in place. Follow instructions for attaching.
I used a triple stitch to make the legs on the mother bird.

Hope you all enjoyed this sew along, and don’t forget to share pictures, I would love to see some finished covers.

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