April is Blowin In

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April Is Blowin In

  I am loving this book and all the patterns in it, they are fun, quick, and a great stash buster. You can easily complete a beautiful pillow cover in a day or less but think outside the box and you can create wall hangings, table runners, or a quilt of all seasons.

   Before we begin, I highly recommend you read through both the pattern we are working on and the general instructions section. She gives great tips and tricks in the general instructions. You will also find your basic list of tools and supplies.

   Pictured below are a few supplies I have added to the list.

   The stripology and stripology squared mini are both great rulers for precise cutting. I used the squared mini for cutting all my background blocks because I was working with assorted scraps (small pieces) and this ruler worked great for this.

    Follow instructions completing the pillow front pg. 15.

    To prepare the background, press rows in opposite directions, when joining rows press seams open. Your background will measure 16 ½ x 38 ½ .

    Following instructions 2 through 8 prepare and fuse your applique. If you are using lighter colours that are going to show through, refer to applique tips in general instructions.

    Note that when tracing your stems, 2 of the long ones are reversed, to reverse your pattern simple place it upside down on the light box and trace.

   You are ready to applique using the method desired.

   When appliqueing colour on colour it is extremely hard to see the edge of your shape on the background. Using a removable marking pen trace lightly around the shape, this will make it easier to see your edges. 

    Follow instructions on page 3 for finishing pillow front.

   When I did my quilting of the umbrella, leaves, and bird legs, I used a triple stitch so it would stand out. I also marked the lines on the umbrella with a removable marking pen. removable marking pen.


    Follow instructions for pillow back in general instructions pg. 3.

    When I did my hems, I did 2 rows of stitching just because I like the look.


    If you want, you can also make a button closure or Velcro if you like. 

    Thank-you for joining me, don’t forget to share your finished pillows on our facebook page, I would love to see them. Here is mine!

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