Maple Leaf Forever!

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Celebrate Canada Day
This month’s pillow cover is a celebration of Canada Day, but as you can see by the pillow cover on page 25 our designer is American.
I have basically redesigned the pillow to celebrate Canada Day, but if you want to follow the instructions in the book you can simply change up your fabrics to Canadian themes and colours. The following instructions will be the ones I used to make the pillow pictured above.
Cut your fabric for the front of the pillow as follows: Cut two side panels 14.5 wide x 16.5 long, cut one middle panel 10.5 wide x 16.5 long.
Using the leaf template provided, trace and cut out one maple leaf, center on the middle of the middle panel fuse in place.
Tip for finding the center of your panel, fold your panel in half both lengthwise and widthwise, make a small crease with your finger, when you open your piece, the crease will be your middle. Fuse your maple leaf and applique as desired.
Using a ¼” seam allowance, sew the 2 side panels (16.5 edges) to either side of the middle panel.
Follow directions for finishing pillow front in the general instructions.
This is where I have the most fun, I love how these smaller projects give me the opportunity to practice and play with different quilting techniques. On this pillow I echoed around the maple leaf, on the side panels I used a heart ruler with my ruler foot and love how it came out.
Follow the directions for finishing the pillow back in the general instructions, and just like that you have a beautiful Canada Day pillow.

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