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Pot Holders for All Seasons

Happy Camper
I love traveling around in my car and often fanaticize about having such a darling trailer. Realistically, I am terrible at backing up my regular vehicle, so it will be better for everyone if I stick with this sweet pot holder.
Read all the instructions in the book (pages 28 – 31) and my tips and get started!
First, gather up your fabrics, battings, and buttons.
Cut and sew the two main trailer units together. Be sure to press the seams in opposite directions. Make a template for the main trailer shape using the pattern in the book. Trace around it onto the front trailer piece. Trim the trailer along the traced lines. Trace all the trailer details (door, window, curtains, awning, and door window) onto fusible web and fuse to the backs of your detail fabrics.
Cut out the detail pieces and fuse them to the front of the trailer. Use the pictures and measurements in the book on p. 31. Layer the trailer front and cotton batting. Stitch around the fused pieces. I used a small blanket stitch and matching thread.
Some of the pieces have tight curves. I found that setting the sewing machine to the slowest speed and leaving the needle down at every pause helped me to stay on the edge of the pieces. I also raised the presser foot and rotated the fabric slightly every stitch or two. Wearing quilting gloves can also help control the project.
Make your hanger using instructions on p. 9. Baste it to the edge of the trailer front. Layer the pot holder front, back, and insulated batting. Pin baste and stitch around the edge. Be sure to leave an opening for turning!
Trim the extra batting very close to the stitching, clip the points and curves, and turn the pot holder right side out. A point turner can really help with this process. When you are happy with the corners and curves, hand stitch the opening closed. I gave mine a little pressing.
Topstitch around the trailer as on p. 31. I found that part a little tricky because of skipped stitches. Follow the directions on p. 6 to make the Padded Appliqué tire. Sew the button onto the door and attach the tire to the trailer by sewing on the hubcap button.
Ta-daaaah! Ready to hit the road!

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