Apple Harvest

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Pot Holders for All Seasons
“Apple Harvest”
It is not harvest time, but this is a cute pattern. It might be your first introduction to bias binding. Read the instructions on pages 49 – 51 and my tips.
 Gather your materials and prepare your templates. Remember that the leaf template gives you the stitching line while the apple and pocket templates give you cutting lines. I used a walking foot for most of this project.
   Start by making the pockets. Be sure to make a left side and a right side. Read page 8 about bias binding. Because of the curves, bias binding is essential for this project. Cut the strips 2 1/4” wide. The bias edges can easily stretch, so be careful. Folded bias worked fine for me on the gentle curves, but don't fold it all.
    Stitch the raw edges of the binding to the right sides of the pockets. Fold to the back and stitch the binding in place. I stitched in the ditch from the front and am happy with the results.
Layer the apple fabric and batting shapes and baste them together. I prefer Wonder Clips rather than pins with something so thick. Next, quilt an apple core shape in the middle of the apple. I laid the pockets on top before I quilted to make sure they would not cover my apple core.
 After you make your hanging loop, baste it to the top of the back.
 Layer the apple and two pockets, lining up the edges and securing them to be basted in place. Again, I used my colourful Wonder Clips.
Refer to page 6 for directions to make the Padded Appliqué leaf. After the binding is on, you will attach the leaf to the right hand pocket with strands of embroidery thread. If you don’t have any, you can use several strands of regular thread. Be sure not to sew the pocket to the apple.
 Now is the time to attach the bias binding to the basted pot holder.
Remember that the bias binding will stretch, but you do not want it to while you are attaching it. Pin the binding in place, easing the fullness as you go round corners. I pinned the hanging loop to the back to keep it out of the way. ( And, yes, that was after I caught it into the binding once!) Slowly and carefully stitch the binding to the pot holder. I stop frequently with the needle down, straighten the fabric to avoid tucks, and rotate the pot holder slightly to stay along the curve. To finish just fold the binding in half as it were a folded binding then cover the raw edges of the pot holder as usual. Stitch in place. I folded the hanging loop up and stitched it to the edge of the pot holder. 
Add the leaf and you are ready for action!!

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