Quick Christmas 3-Yard Quilts by Donna Robertson and Fran Morgan

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Donna Robertson, and Fran Morgan co-founders and designers of Fabric
Café, known for their signature economical 3-yard quilt method, are joyous to announce
their new pattern book, Quick Christmas 3-Yard Quilts! 8 festive easy-to-make patterns
with enlargement instructions included for twin, and queen/king-size quilts. This means
no more complicated math when you want to make a larger size quilt, giving you more
time to quilt!
Fans of 3-yard quilts will love these!
Simplified fabric selection with three one-yard cuts!
Clear and quilter-friendly pattern instructions.
Enlargement instructions are included for twin, and queen/king-size quilts. 8 quilt designs written for 3 sizes- Lap, Twin and Queen/King. 

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